Paul's Poultry

Automating their complex pricing requirements has reduced disputes and improved margins for wholesale food distributor Paul's Poultry.
  • Unrivalled pricing flexibility has reduced invoice disputes and improved control over product margins
  • Customised invoice with simple tear-off proof-of-delivery slip confirms deliveries and improves cash flow
  • Business growth managed without increasing administration staff
Paul's Poultry

Growing businesses need a system that grows with them

Paul’s Poultry is a family-owned wholesale and retailer of poultry and meat servicing the Melbourne area. Their continued success over the past 30 years is due to the hands-on approach of the owners, ensuring great customer service and quality products.

As Paul’s grew over the years, their business model changed substantially and their ageing bookkeeping system was simply not up to the job. Reporting was limited and it was not able to automate the complex pricing requirements of the poultry industry. Attaché was brought in and has continued to support Paul’s growth and transformation from processor to distributor, allowing management and staff to focus on improving the business.

Easy-to-use system for great customer service

For Managing Director Maria Karitellis – one of the few women to run a poultry distribution business – providing the best buying experience for her customers is crucial.

“We have a complex pricing structure with different prices for different customers for every product. No other systems we looked at could handle pricing like Attaché. They simply could not cope.”

By automating the pricing structure, Attaché provides tailored pricing for every customer for every product, reducing invoice disputes and maximising their margins. Maria also needed a system that was easy to use regardless of accounting or IT experience. The simplicity of Attaché has allowed the business to keep admin staff to two employees despite growth and changes to the business.

“The way Attaché lays out things with all the options shown at the bottom of the screen is vital,” says Maria. “We don’t have problems in the office even with part-time employees as it is so easy to use.”

Flexible systems adapt to changing business needs

The Attaché system easily adapted when the business model changed from processor to distributor. Some time ago Paul’s ceased slaughtering their own chickens and moved to sourcing whole birds from high-quality producers like La Ionica Poultry (chemically free) and Lilydale (free-range chickens).

More recently, the business expanded to include other meat products. Again, their Attaché system seamlessly accommodated the changes to processing and administration this required.

With Attaché working so efficiently, Paul’s has been able to concentrate on improving the business rather than struggle with inefficient business processes and are proud to have achieved certification by HACCP – the highest standard for food certification.

Customisable to meed industry needs

One of the biggest issues facing poultry distributors is management of the proof-of-delivery process. Paul’s Poultry’s local Attaché consultant, ABS Software, worked with the business to customise the system to address these issues. ABS Managing Director Brian Vowles showed how a simple change to the customisable forms in Attaché made Paul’s proof-of-delivery issues redundant.

His team created a revised invoice layout that included a tear-off proof-of-delivery slip on the bottom of the invoice that is signed by the customer upon delivery. This eliminated disputes about delivery and delays in collecting payments. This is a simple but important solution in an industry with some of the smallest margins in the country.

About Paul’s Poultry

  • Family-owned food wholesale and retailer
  • Provide poultry and other meat products throughout the Melbourne area
  • Continued success over the past 30 years is due to the hands-on approach of the owners

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