Masons Plastabrick

New Zealand-based Masons Plastabrick required a system that could handle an increase in line items.
  • Required a system that could handle an increase in line items
  • More than $100,000 cash flow released
  • Now using tailored reporting and dashboards to give an instant picture of the business
Masons Plastabrick

Quick and easy access to stock information

When Trent Mason, the owner of New Zealand’s Masons Plastabrick, started his building materials manufacturing and distribution business 10 years ago it was literally a kitchen table operation. Today he is investigating options to expand into Australia.

It’s a big decision, but like all business decisions Trent has made in the past 18 months, it will be soundly based on the information he has at hand thanks to innovative Attaché software solutions.

“The system gives me all of the information I need to make important business decisions,” Trent said.

The former Brisbane bricklayer has come a long way since launching a business with only an off-the shelf, small business accounting package.

Today, Masons services all major hardware merchants throughout New Zealand providing a mix of building products, 50% of which are imported and 50% manufactured by Trent’s company.

Trent’s move from a basic MYOB accounting package to something more versatile and robust was prompted by a need for better stock information once they started acquiring more and more lines. In all, he examined four different systems before deciding on Attaché.

That decision was based not only on Attaché’s reputation, but on the fact it could be tailored to his needs.

“Also, our Attaché consultant gave us the confidence that communication would not be an issue,” Trent said.

Releasing cash, increasing sales

Trent implemented Attaché including Dashboards, Attaché Online Services, Sales Matrix and SWOT Sales Analysis.

This powerful combination has ultimately contributed to a 5% reduction in expenses, the slashing of outstanding debtors by 10% and a 15% reduction in the value of stock needing to be held in the warehouse.

The cash flow released from these improvements alone is more than $100,000.

Trent said that the improvements all stem from the quality of information Attaché provided for him – systems and strategy working together.

“You can increase revenue by identifying and concentrating on popular lines.

“Stock control and forward order information go hand in hand, allowing for just-in-time delivery. Debtors are kept under control because they are flagged daily on the system’s dashboards.

“Sales Matrix SWOT provides a complete analysis of your customer and individual product lines and is an awesome tool for sales reps.

“Not only does it give them a complete customer profile on what they have been spending and what the sales were over the past month, but it identifies such things as items they have stopped purchasing.

“That tool alone has added 20% to our sales.”

Trent said that he had his Attaché consultant make some changes to some of the system’s reporting formats.

“That ability to have the software tailored in this way was one of the most appealing aspects of Attaché right from the start. At day one I gave Attaché a list of things we wanted, and we have added others since.

“I know that tomorrow, if I wanted something changed, then I could get it done.”

Instant snapshot of the business for improved decision making

Trent is a big fan of the Attaché Dashboards that provide visual management instead of traditional reporting.

“The dashboards are helpful when it comes to decision making. I’m forever switching them around but the main ones would be Inventory and Debtors. Together they give me an instant, clear picture of the business,” he said.

Masons Plastabrick has been audited by BNZ’s Cash Flow Solutions department and achieved a 100% pass for several independent audits, largely attributable to the seamless integration of inventory control and Bill of Materials.

Trent has experienced first-hand the benefits of making informed decisions based on the visibility of financial data.

About Masons Plastabrick

  • New Zealand based manufacturer and reseller of exterior plaster and related accessories for all types of substrates
  • Products include paint, adhesives, tools, flooring products and more
  • Planning to expand operations into Australia

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