Altman Sales and Distributors

Overloaded with paperwork, Altman Sales needed a fully integrated system from field to warehouse.
  • Became bogged down in paperwork as the company grew and required a fully integrated system
  • Attaché interacts with SalesLink software, which enables mobile sales staff to enter customer orders and halves dispatch times
  • Re-keying of orders is eliminated, saving 7-8 man days per week
Altman Sales and Distributors

Solving the growth dilemma

Altman Sales and Distributors started in 2003 as a good idea – a sales brokerage and distribution company specialising in the health and beauty industry and providing representation to companies not wishing to employ their own field force. Like so many companies Altman became a victim of its own success. The more clients it picked up and the more pharmacies, department stores, health and gift stores it serviced on a 2-12 week cycle, the more it became bogged down in paperwork and processing orders, picking slips and invoices.

Distribution & Logistics Director Rod Holmes was charged with using his 20 years of IT experience to come up with a solution capable not just of solving the immediate problems but one that could cater to expected growth. Altman’s mobile sales team of nine was generating 700 orders a week to be processed, dispatched and invoiced from the company’s Sydney headquarters, and the number was growing.

Rod identified accounting software as a major obstacle. Not only was it laboriously slow processing typical 100-line invoices, but it did not integrate effectively with reporting, warehousing and the company’s hand-held mobile ordering system.

An easy transition

Rod not only evaluated the majority of accounting and financial software solutions available, but he quizzed existing users of the products to find the best support and service providers.

Ultimately, Attaché, with its complete accounting, payroll, CRM and business intelligence solutions was the clear winner. From day one Rod was won over. Attaché specialists worked with the Altman team to transition data, customise screens and reports, integrate Attaché with third-party applications, and deliver the all-important user training.

With the transition made to Attaché Accounts, Altman was finally past the barriers of its previous accounting system and able to exploit its growth potential. “Over the past several years we’ve grown the business by approximately 100%,” Rod said. “If we had stayed with our previous system we couldn’t have achieved that – full stop!”

Fundamental to this is the raw processing power of Attaché. Invoices are now dealt with in a matter of seconds. Reports that required up to four hours to generate, are now on-hand almost immediately.

Efficiencies key to exceeding expectations

As a direct result of implementing Attaché, Altman is saving an estimated 7-8 man days every week in order processing and invoicing alone. This massive saving is being achieved primarily by virtually eliminating the need to re-key customer orders.

Rod explains: “Our mobile sales team uses the [third-party] SalesLink software on mobile devices to enter a customer’s order and, in real time, check stock levels. Once entered, order details are automatically transmitted over the internet to Attaché, which makes it immediately available for picking in the warehouse and allows the invoice to be generated in a couple of seconds.” As a result, customer service staff that once spent most of their time re-keying faxed orders are now able to concentrate on customer service. An efficiency gain that represents an overall saving to the company of a 1.5 staff count.

Attaché’s rapid order-to-system process means the time taken for orders to be dispatched has been halved.

Attaché has also afforded the company new levels of reporting freedom. Rod can access the entire data set and generate any reports using tools including Microsoft Access and the Attaché partner offering, Sales Matrix.

Reporting and data capture capabilities will be further enhanced soon when Attaché’s customisable, Dashboard business intelligence system is added. “Attaché, with its CRM – which we’re soon to implement – and business intelligence features gives us the tools and ability to exceed customer expectations at every level.”

“We keep throwing more and more at the Attaché system and it never has a problem or slows down. For a growing business, this is precisely what’s needed. Now we’re looking at a barcode scanning system that will improve overall efficiencies further,” Rod said.

About Altman Sales and Distributors

  • Sales brokerage and distribution company specialising in the health and beauty industry
  • Mobile sales team of nine generating 700 orders a week and growing
  • Services pharmacies, department stores, and health and gift stores on a 2-12 week call cycle

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