How HR can support remote working now and longer term

Why Attaché Resources Articles Coronavirus has got every business urgently assessing what it could do to help employees work from home if needed. In fact, even before the current crisis, many companies were realising that homeworking can be just as effective as...

Hybrid IT — a game changer for medium and large businesses

For the past decade, cloud IT was suggested by many as the solution to everything. Now ‘hybrid IT’ is emerging as the most pragmatic and cost-effective approach for all but the smallest businesses.

Spike in employers STP reporting

There has been a 156% spike in the number of employers Single Touch Payroll reporting in the past four weeks. Find out the key drivers why.

Instant asset write-off increased to $30,000

If you are thinking of purchasing equipment for your medium business, now is the perfect time. The instant asset write-off threshold has been extended and increased.

One third of medium and large businesses not STP reporting

32% of medium and large businesses are failing to meet their Single Touch Payroll reporting obligations and may be subject to ATO penalties from 1 July 2019.

End-of-Year Reporting under STP — why it is easier

Your EOY reporting is about to become a lot easier. Under Single Touch Payroll you are no longer obligated to issue payment summaries or submit a payment summary annual report.

77,000 employers now STP reporting

77,399 employers have commenced Single Touch Payroll reporting. 61% of these businesses employ 20 or more staff. The remaining 39% have 19 or less employees.

Business Improvement — learn from others

Unlock the full potential of your medium business. Understand the six most common barriers to growth and tactics you can implement immediately to help overcome them.