Service Level Agreement New Zealand

This is an agreement between Attaché Software (New Zealand) Pty. Limited (Attaché) and a person licensed to use Attaché software (the caller). The caller enacts the agreement when he or she accepts the charges at the beginning of a call to the Attaché Helpline.


There is a one-off call charge (currently $50.00 + GST) payable by the caller. This amount is charged regardless of the length of the initial call and includes any subsequent calls, which Attaché may make to the caller. You will not incur any further charges in resolving an issue if it falls within the guidelines outlined below.


All call charges will be automatically invoiced by Telecom to the callers phone bill. Calls are identified individually with itemised call duration and charges.


The Attaché Helpline operates each weekday (excluding Christmas and public holidays) between 8.30am and 5.30pm. While every effort is made to ensure that calls are answered without delay, there will inevitably be times when no support consultants are immediately available. Callers who are unable to get through to the support team, will be put through to an operator who will take a detailed phone message, which will be returned by one of our support consultants at the earliest convenience.

Operator proficiency

Attaché will ensure that the 0900 user helpline is staffed by qualified Attaché staff who have in-depth knowledge of Attaché software products and are well grounded in accounting and business basics.


You can call the Helpline for assistance with any issues regarding the normal functioning of Attaché Software products. Being a telephone service, it is not possible to resolve long, complex problems which would normally require a site visit from a consultant. The Attaché Helpline does not provide assistance for software other than Attaché Software products or for computer networking or hardware issues.

Your obligations

In providing the Helpline service, Attaché makes certain assumptions about your level of competence and the quality of your equipment and work practices as this affects the operation of the software we have licensed you to use. We expect that you have at least a basic level of proficiency in bookkeeping/payroll administration and business principals and that you have a degree of computer literacy. We further expect that you will ensure that your computer equipment is of a reasonable standard and is well maintained, and that you have instigated an appropriate business continuity plan (covering, as a minimum, data backup and recovery).


Any complaints should be directed in writing to:

The Information Services Manager
The Customer Services Manager
Attaché Software (New Zealand) Pty. Limited
PO Box 37623 – Parnell

Requests for refunds should be addressed similarly and should be accompanied by a letter outlining the reason for the request and proof of the call (that is, a copy of the relevant section of the phone bill.)

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