Support information

Support information

Getting information and support

At Attaché, we understand the importance of your payroll and accounting software to the ongoing success of your business, so we do all that we can to ensure you receive the service and support you need.


Support information

Visit the Attaché Help Centre to find the latest information, guides, and resources. As well as browsing directly to the Help Centre, you can access it via the desktop in the software and through Help links on task screens and windows. We welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions on how we can improve the Help Centre. Please contact us at

Important Legislative Changes

Read about important legislative changes that will impact the way Australian and New Zealand employers report on salary, wages and other deductions.

Upgrading your Attaché software

Attaché Software regularly releases upgrades for Attaché Accounts, Attaché Payroll and other products. Upgrades may include changes due to new business and tax regulations, as well as new features and enhancements. Upgrades are available free to licensed Attaché users. Sign in to get the latest upgrades.

To find your VIP number, in Attaché choose Tools | Company | System | System Information. If you cannot sign in, please contact us for assistance.


When it comes to Attaché products, expert help is always just a phone call away. Consultants provide independent advice and offer a broad range of services including:

  • installing, setting up and upgrading your Attaché products
  • training, advice and trouble-shooting
  • help with end-of-year processing and other procedures
  • hardware issues, including computer networking

Your Attaché Consultant can tailor a support agreement to suit your particular needs. Contact us and we'll put you in touch with a suitable Consultant.

Emergency Helpline

If you need immediate assistance and your Consultant is unavailable or you are "between agreements" with a Consultant, call Attaché's Emergency Helpline.

Staying up to date

The easiest way to stay up to date with the latest Attaché news is by subscribing to our email news bulletins. Find out about upgrades and new releases, changes to business and taxation regulations, training, special events and important support issues. To receive our email bulletins, subscribe here and whitelist us to ensure our emails continue to reach you.

Business stationery

Attaché Software supplies customised, easy-to-use business forms and cheques to Australian clients which are 100% compatible with your Attaché system. This stationery ensures consistent quality, improves the presentation of your company and is easy and convenient to use. Forms are available in both A4 and continuous format and prices include fast and free delivery to your door (within Australia). If you are unsure which forms best suit your needs, contact us for advice and information. Stationery prices are listed on the order form.