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An easier way to manage employee and contractor timesheets.
No more chasing timesheets.

No more chasing timesheets

Employees can enter their timesheet data day by day, leaving no room for errors or misplaced information at the end of a timesheet period. Any notes or supporting documentation can be uploaded and stored.

Approved timesheets are sent straight to Attaché Payroll eliminating paperwork and manual data entry.

The manager will be notified when new timesheets are submitted, and employees receive email notification that their timesheet has been approved or declined.

Refresh your timesheets processes

  • Additional rows can be added for work covering multiple weeks or non-standard hours such as annual leave
  • Any leave already entered via the online leave management system will be pre-populated into the timesheet
  • Keeps a digital record of hours which eliminates paperwork that can be forgotten or misplaced
  • No double-entry of data: approved timesheets are sent to Attaché Payroll
  • Include non-payroll employees (such as contractors) whose time also needs to be tracked.
Refresh your timesheets processes.

Empower your employees

Save time and improve your payroll and HR processes with other great employee self-service functionality.