NZBusiness August 2015 feature - Reno your business (part 2)

The August 2015 issue of NZBusiness magazine concludes a two-part series entitled Reno your business, featuring Attaché Software New Zealand’s Client Engagement Manager Brent Irvine.

Many business owners already have cash for growth at their fingertips, it’s unlocking those funds that can help improve your business.

“To put that in context, if you turnover $2 million a year, you’ve potentially got $240,000 trapped within your business today.”

Part one of the article covered the first two points of Brent’s six-point business improvement plan: debtor and stock management tactics that can help you unlock as much as 12 percent of your cash flow.

Part two looks at the remaining four business improvement points: sales, expenses, payroll and fraud, and highlights tactics to streamline payroll management, improve expenses, boost sales and prevent fraud.

Read the full article here.

Thumbnail of the August 2015 issue of NZBusiness magazine article, Reno your business part 2

Business Renovate seminars

Brent recently began presenting free seminars throughout New Zealand under the Business Renovate banner, showing business owners how to renovate their businesses. The seminars give attendees access to 350 business improvement tactics and a tool to reduce debtors in just days.

Check upcoming Business Renovate seminar dates.