Top 6 Barriers to Growth of Medium Businesses

There is a silver-lining to a weaker economy. Everyone is more focused on business improvement. Some of the tactics we discuss in this guide can be done manually or in your existing software. What Attaché does is automate them for less than the cost of a part-time employee. If you already use Attaché, you are about to unearth under-utilised functions.

Medium business focus

Attaché focuses exclusively on medium businesses. Typically 10-1,000 staff and $2m-100m annual revenue, they are the powerhouse of our economy. Whilst they only represent 5% of total businesses, they generate a third of all revenue and jobs.

Our studies have identified six key barriers that repeatedly arise as barriers to the growth of medium businesses. This guide has been written to help medium businesses overcome these barriers and reach their full potential. Complete the form to download your copy now.