client success

Ampro Sales

  • Created an end-to-end system for an improved client experience
  • Integration of sales and accounting with order fulfilment and client tracking
  • Long term partnership with their Attaché specialist has been a key ingredient in Ampro's success


Flexibility and support cements long term partnership

Imagine saving your warehouse staff kilometres of walking, creating an exceptional customer experience and streamlining your processes without employing more staff or an army of consultants.

For New Zealand company Ampro, that’s exactly what they have been able to achieve, thanks to a partnership of more than 20 years with leading accounting and business software company Attaché Software.


Partners in business improvement

“Our Attaché consultant, KC Little from Tricolour Consulting, has been the key to us successfully applying the strengths of Attaché. Her accounting background, knowledge of the system and business acumen has maximised the system benefits within Ampro.”

Today that partnership has seen the creation of an end-to-end solution by putting in place a number of Attaché products, including Accounts, sales intelligence tool Sales Matrix, ClearView dashboards and an integrated order-fulfilment system developed in conjunction with business improvement company Braintree.


Two decades of innovation

“Put simply, we would not be the business we are today without Attaché,” Managing Director Sandy McLean says.

With a focus on flexibility, service and support – the very things businesses look for today in long term partners – Ampro undertook a significant investigation in 1995 to find a modern, integrated system to move their business forward.

What the adventure equipment supplier found was Attaché, choosing the leading accounts and payroll brand because it was able to provide a focus on timely, accurate and well-communicated service.

“Attaché allowed us key flexibility unlike comparable systems and it has grown with our business,” Sandy said. “As our requirements developed, Attaché too developed by providing innovative solutions.”


Service and efficiency benefits

Ampro has been able to provide a whole new level of customer service and meet customer expectations, reduce manual data input, create staffing efficiencies and reallocate resources.

“Attaché has always provided a very strong foundation on which to build our processes.”

Better processes have helped Ampro grow, improve warehouse and logistics management and provide greater control over stock, product costing and purchasing.

“Our goal was to increase our level of service by providing information to our customers about their orders, including when it left the warehouse, and give them a link to their shipping tracking number so they could track the progress of their delivery,” Sandy says.

The integrated system has reduced the number of incorrectly picked items by allowing warehouse staff to scan by bar code and match codes and products, as well as reducing the pick and pack time.

More significantly, the system operates in real time, allowing operators to access live customer data, which has had the added benefit of reducing customer calls about deliveries, all while Attaché provides a single definitive source of all customer and product data.

“Our partnership with a proactive company like Attaché and the excellent consultant support from KC Little enables Ampro to maintain and develop the processes and systems required to build the business.”


About Ampro Sales

  • Independently owned Wellington-based distributor of leading outdoor equipment.
  • Works with specialist retailers to make quality products available to outdoor adventure enthusiasts.
  • Ampro credit the partnership with their local Attaché support specialist, Tricolour Consulting, as a key ingredient in their success.


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