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14 March 2019Accounting, Debtor Reduction, Expense Management, Improved Cashflow, Payroll Efficiency

There is a silver lining to a weaker economy — a greater focus on business improvement. If you are a medium business owner or advisor (typically $2m-100m sales) this should interest you.

Medium businesses are forgotten

Medium businesses are frequently lumped in the SME label when they are actually more like large businesses but without their resources. They make up just 2% of all businesses yet provide over 30% of all revenue. European studies have them growing at 16% pa while overall growth is just 1.5%. But they struggle to find and recruit the right talent.

Top 6 barriers to growth

Despite their success, over 90% of medium business owners say they face six barriers to reaching their full potential: Time to think, Affordable assistance, Digital technology, Succession planning, Cash flow and Sales growth. We cover each in the Top 6 Barriers to Growth guide.

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You can use the Top 6 Barriers to Growth to assist your medium business. It provides 300 proven tactics to help address the top six barriers. Some tactics can be done manually or within your existing software. If you already use Attaché, you will unearth under-utilised functions. It includes a cash flow improvement calculator so you can see where to focus your energy, then use the guide’s tactics to help make it happen.

Two notes of concern

1. One size does not fit all. We are seeing so-called advisors pushing small business software to medium businesses (especially wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers), who can end up going backwards.
2. The cloud is experiencing issues like speed, outages and security concerns. 70% of medium and large businesses prefer hybrid systems, which is a course correction in the cloud landscape. Both these topics are in the guide.

Download the Top 6 Barriers to Growth guide now.

Top 6 Barriers to Growth

Understand the six most common barriers to growth of medium businesses and tactics you can implement immediately to help overcome them.

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