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Attaché Payroll

  • Australia's leading payroll software for businesses of all sizes. With easy compliance, fast processing, and built-in dashboards for a complete view of all your employees.

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  • Australian payroll software for easy compliance and improved staff management

    Attaché Payroll provides fast, accurate payroll processing as a stand-alone payroll system, or fully integrated with Attaché Accounts. The software has the power and flexibility to adapt as your business grows, backed by local development and support to ensure it's up-to-date. With over 20 years' experience in assisting businesses manage their payroll system, Attaché is trusted by thousands of organisations like yours.

    Get the fundamentals right 

    Attache Payroll handles all your payroll essentials with ease - pay advices, tax calculations, leave, superannuation, Fair Work compliance and much more. It ensures you have solid payroll fundamentals such as automated tax scale updates, accurate leave accruals, timesheet and auto pays, pay advices that will survive a Fair Work audit, complete superannuation reporting, and ATO ECI integration. With the flexibility to easily handle multiple awards/rates of pay, unlimited income types and deductions, multi-user access for larger payrolls, and custom fields to record and report on details specific to your business.

    Payroll Dashboards — keeping you a step ahead

    View your employee details as never before. On-screen dashboards make answering staff questions a breeze and help you proactively focus on critical areas. For example, manage staff leave requests and availability, track sick day trends, prepare for upcoming reviews and anniversaries, and access employee records instantly. You can even add and attach notes on HR issues and workplace incidents. ...more

    Confidential emailing of pay advices

    With Attaché’s electronic document delivery system — Attaché Alex — pay advices and payment summaries can be securely delivered by email (unlike most emailed documents) and include an unlock code to ensure confidentiality. With Attaché Alex, you can save time and money associated with manually printing and distributing pay advices. ...more
    "Using Attaché Alex has streamlined my administration no end... It saves us at least 5 hours a week. I think it's brilliant and easily pays for itself."  

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    Superannuation payments made simple

    Attaché Payroll replaces the manual process of paying contributions by using ClickSuper, a secure e-commerce system. No more time wasted running separate superannuation reports and sending individual payments. Attaché simply transfers your superannuation details to ClickSuper for validation and to schedule your payment, and ClickSuper takes care of the rest. ...more
    "It’s just so much simpler to make payments now and it has meant a huge saving for me in terms of paperwork and time."  

    Fair Work compliant

    In Australia the recent Fair Work legislation has major implications for your payroll system, setups and procedures, and comes with significant penalties. Find out how you can receive a free review to check your compliance. ...more

  • Save running multiple reports by viewing all details on the one screen.

    » Save running multiple reports by viewing all details on the one screen.

  • Incredible value, 100% money back guarantee

    Medium-sized businesses are some of the fastest growing and most dynamic organisations. To assist your growth, Attaché does not charge by the employee or the company (payroll bureaus excepted). Instead we offer a standard monthly amount so you can add staff and retain former employee history without fear of triggering the next payment level. A remote access licence comes standard if you need to work from home, and you can add additional user logins if required.

    Unlimited upgrades for legislative changes and other enhancements are included. And you have the comfort of a money back guarantee within the first 6 months, for any reason. For more pricing details contact us.

    Local support, emergency helpline

    Attaché have payroll system consultants throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific. This means local training and support is available from a specialist who knows your business, with the added convenience of an emergency backup helpline provided from Attaché head office.

    Best-of-breed integration

    Attaché Payroll provides a powerful engine that makes payroll processing easy and efficient. We concentrate on what we do best and have strong partnerships with the leading specialists in areas including:

    • Time and attendance
    • Time billing
    • Rostering and award interpretation
    • HR and OH&S

    Contact us and we will be happy to point you to the best in the business.

    New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and South Pacific

    NZPPA logoAttaché Payroll provides updates for local legislative changes and tax tables for New Zealand (for example, IRD’s, KiwiSaver), Papua New Guinea and many South Pacific countries including Fiji, Tonga, Kiribati, Cook Islands and the Solomon Islands. For businesses with operations in multiple countries, you can also run separate payroll companies for each, for example if you are processing New Zealand pays from Australia.

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